Federation Bursaries

The Federation will provide occasional bursaries to its members for research and/or attendance at recognised professional conferences. This fund is based on a bequest by Mr Cefni Barnett, a founding member of the Federation, and hence will be referred to as the Cefni Barnett Fund (CBF).

The CBF is limited and support will be controlled strictly by the Executive Committee of the Federation to whom applications should be submitted through the Hon Treasurer. The criteria for acceptance are set out below but it should be emphasised that funding is not guaranteed.


1. The CBF is available in the form of small bursaries of not more than £500 to cover legitimate costs and expenses related to private research undertaken by members or for attendance at recognised professional conferences and seminars.

2. Research must be on a museum related topic that assists the applicant personally in the enhancement of their professional education. Research carried out for an employing authority is not eligible for support.

3. Conferences and seminars supported by the scheme would normally be those arranged by a professional body such as the Museums Association and should relate to an area of relevant professional development for the applicant.

4. Those applicants engaged in formal Continuous Professional Development programmes such as through the Museums Association will be given preference.


A successful applicant must: -

a) Provide the Hon Treasurer with copies of relevant receipts to confirm approved expenditure.

b) Prepare a brief report of no more than 1,000 words on the results of the research or conference attendance. This should be available for publication in the Federation newsletter Y Mag if considered appropriate by Hon Editor(s).


Payment will be made on production of invoices and only in exception circumstances will any advance payment be made.

Recently Mowenna Perrott attended the ICON (UK Institute of Conservation) conference with a bursary from the Cefni Barnett Fund. Click here to read her report of the conference